Friday, 30 November 2012

3 Winter Faves

Hey ladies! I was just chilling and had the urge to blog, so I thought I would share with you a few of my bargain winter must haves that I have been abusing every day!

First up I LOVE A CHELSEA BOOT  they are so comfy to walk in and I can see myself building a small collection. I do have a black pair but sometimes you want to funk it up a bit. These ones are from Linzi (Here) and are £32 I believe, definitely worth the invest if you love a heel but cant walk around in them all day.

Next up my fur stole from H&M  I picked my one up last year but I will definitely be picking up the lighter shade when I next pop into town. I cant remember how much is was now, but it less than a tenner!

And last but not least my Primark Beanies! These were something like £1.50 from the men's section and they are probably one of the best things I have bought so far, they obviously go with anything and keep my head nice and warm in this freezing weather.

Have any of you guys got any winter faves?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Have A Body Shop Christmas

Hey ladies just thought I would share a few bits with you from The Body Shop Christmas Collection.

Being a lover of all things Body Shop and their fair trade and cruelty free ethics, its only standard that I'm about to make you part with some cash! *look away now if your easily tempted*

If you are a fan of body butters, why not quench your skins thirst with Cranberry Joy (£13) the latest body butter to join the collection. This feels great on the skin and has a strong cranberry scent, so if you want to putt your old body butter on standby to get your body in the Christmas mood, this is definitely the way to go.

Next up a few of my faves, swatched in the second picture from left to right...
Dazzling rocks (£16) In the shade Golden Copper- These rocks are like a ray of sunshine in a tin, If you want the only white thing to be the snow this Christmas, give yourself a light dusting of these little rocks and your glow will give the Christmas fairy a run for her money.

All In On Blusher (£8) In shade Guava- A matte blush with buildable colour, it has ingredients which include Vitamin E and marula oil, so not only is it giving your skin a pop of colour its actually caring for it too, hence the All In One!

Colourglide Shine Lip Colour (£10)- Shade 02 Shell pink and shade 13 Rose Quartz.These lip colours are so moisturising, its like wearing a very pigmented lip balm. Rose Quartz is a firm favourite of mine and has been in my handbag everyday since it landed in my hands.

All In One BB Cream (£12)  In shade 02 for medium Skin tones  I have tried various BB Creams that have all applied well, but as time has passed I have been left looking like a hot greasy mess. This one is by far the best  I have come across. When I first squeezed the tube I was like "oh...Its a bit light for me"  not realising that it comes out white, then adapts to your skin tone once you begin to rub it in (As seen in bottom picture). This gives a light to medium coverage and is perfect all year round, especially if you want to take a break from heavy foundations.

If anything has caught your eye its all available now in store and online, and I have linked all the products in to save you time searching....just because I'm kind like that haha!

I cant believe Christmas is only 4 weeks away! Am I the only one that hasn't bought one thing !!?!

Monday, 26 November 2012

GOSH A/W 12 Lacquers

The GOSH A/W colours are here,Comprising of six heavenly shades, I have my favourite three to share with you. 

From left to right- Spot On Pink - With A Twist and Berry Me

I must say that me favourite of the whole collection has to be Berry Me!, I am head over heels for berry shades at the moment so this polish definitely fills my berry void.

I applied Berry Me last night so I cant say much about the chip factor yet, but I will say that it applied very well. These polishes have a thin texture so for those that have a bit of trouble applying your standard nail varnish, it might be worth giving these a try. I think the next colour I will be lavishing my nails with will be Spot On Pink!

You can pick these shades up from any Superdrug store or you can find them online HERE 
RRP £4.99

What your favourite?

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thank you.x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Missguided Studded Chelsea

Missguided have done it to me again...

I have been waiting an eternity for someone to bring out a pair of Studded boots I could actually walk in and this they greeted me in my inbox.

Theres not much else I can really say, I think im too in love!

Are you loving these boots!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dainty Jewels - Louun Jewellery

There are endless reasons why I love Instagram and this is just one!

Whilst browsing the popular page I spotted the cutest jewellery. Being a fan of tiny pendants and charms I just had to take a peek at this persons site. now a little while back the only brand that seemed to cater for teeny gems were Dogeared, and I weren't too keen on spending £100 a go on a necklace just because the charm was the size of a penny.

That aside I am now fully in love with this esty sellers site which you can find HERE .....

There are so many pieces I have fallen in love with, and all the prices range around the $20 mark which in the UK is about £13....SCORE!

I'm seriously too in love! this site fulfills all my jewellery needs...hello Christmas list!

You can check out their insta @anniep1124

So what do you think....are you in as much love as I am...?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

DIY Lip Stains

This really is as easy as 123!

All you need is any type of lip treatment, whether its Vaseline or an old stick of balm you don't mind sqishing up, you add a few drops of  the food colouring of your choice, mix for a few seconds and your done!

Sexy stained lips in under 60 seconds!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Domestic Violence - My Story

Hello ladies!

I wanted to post and I didn't know what to post about and from time to time I suppose its good to post about something that's closer to home, rather than shoving pretty things in your face all the time, because life isn't pretty all the time......

Not many people tend to touch on the subject of domestic violence as it can be upsetting as well as something you would rather forget, but today I think its time I spoke about a chapter in my life so that I can close it once and for all and hopefully help anyone else out there that might have been or is in a situation like I was.

Many of you may look at my tweets or look at my pictures on Instagram and think that im just a bubbly and happy person, well I am probably as happy as I'm going to be for the moment but I wasn't always like that.

Nearly 3 years ago now, I broke off a 9 year relationship with the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Not because he didn't pick his boxers up off the floor, or because he would forget to wash up after himself from time to time but because he hit me.......

You know when you reminisce about amazing moments you might of had in your life and in that second you can picture everything, down to the clothes you were wearing. Well I can picture the first time he hit me like it was yesterday. I was only 18 at the time, and the reason he felt like he could slap me across my face was because a friend of mine had used a boys phone to call me, and the boy had called me back because he didn't know she had used his phone and didn't recognise the number.  The first time I was shocked, my own mother had never even slapped me! ( well apart from the occasion ass tap when I was a kid ), I kind of just walked into our bedroom and shut the door. You can probably guess what happened 20 minutes later..... oh of course he said he was sorry, and that he wouldn't do it again. Being a young girl in love of course I believed him.

Fast forward a few weeks, a few months a few years.... kept on hitting me but things got worse, but by this time he added verbal abuse into the mist, calling me things like fat and ugly, wishing rape upon me whenever I would go to work. By the time I was 20, I couldn't look 'up' in public if I was with him, because if a guy walked past me, I would be accused of looking at them....even if they looked like an extra from gremlins!

For a good chunk of time I kept quiet. Then eventually I started to confined in my friends and family. Of course when my mum found out she went BURZUURRRK! 

There were times when I listened to the people that loved me, which gave me strength to leave him and there were time when I listened to the one person that was supposed to love me, I listened to him say sorry, I listened to him cry and tell me over and over he would never do it again, I listened too much. It was almost like I was sleeping through this nightmare and I couldn't wake up.

But there was this one day, I was about 22. He dragged me by the hair and threw me on the bed, he then wrapped his hands around my neck and just kept squeezing and squeezing, its like the moment I couldn't breath was the moment I woke up. I managed to get free by digging my nails into his arms and and screaming loud enough for him to leave my house. It shouldn't have taken him to wrap his hands around my neck for me to realise he could potentially kill me one day. The countless times I called police and never pressed charges and the times I cried to my friends and family then took him back, are times I wish I could go back to and change. 

If anyone saw us out in public you would think we were the perfect couple, truth is I was in love with a monster, someone that would take his problems out on me whether it was verbal or physical, just to make himself feel better. There are people in the world that have probably gone through so much more than I have, but suffering for 7years out of 9 was something I should have never settled for. 

No matter how old you are, please don't sit down and suffer in silence. Listen to your loved ones, because its people on the outside that often see what's best for you.

3 years on and so much has changed, I'm in a happy place now, Id go as far as to say its amazing!  I have someone that really loves me, someone that calls me beautiful every single day, someone that never wants to see me cry, someone that's there for me when ever I need him. This is what we all deserve, you only have one life, don't waste it on people that do nothing but abuse it. 

Silence hides Violence... don't keep quiet.

This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever written, and even though I haven't gone into extensive depth, I hope it helps someone or shines some light on the subject in hand.

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Quick Tips To Help You In A Crisis


Hey guys...

Just a quick post to let you know there's a new video up on my channel, but I'm so kind I just embedded it here to save you the trouble of finding me.

Happy watching.